TKM7 - 1992

Date: 1 March
Course: Malvern Valley
Afters: Malvern Valley
Winner: D. Yodgee
Score: 95 (mmm...)
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Some called this the "Yodgee" TKM, sure Denis donated a LOT of goodies for prizes and give aways, but that (and the money in the brown paper bag) had absolutely no influence on the judging panel's decision to give Den the nod ...... really!!

Believe it or not, this reception is captured on video somewhere .. if you have it out there .... keep it!
Not exactly a lot of photos ... this was our largest turn out, somehow we managed to feed and entertain over 60 people in the Reception room at Malvern Valley GC. We had a trivia quiz, the mandatory raffle, prizes, give aways, trophies, it was ...