Date:  19 October
Albert Park GC
Hennessy Ave

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Ablett, Steve
Anders, Rod
Appleby, Ross
Bond, Richard
Brown, Brian
Brown, Marie
Brown, Tony
Coffey, John
Cook, Brad
Dignan, Tony
Dingo, Dave
Ebert, Arnold
Eccles, James
Farrugia, Ben
Farrugia, Daniel
Farrugia, Karin
Farrugia, Manny
Feather, Craig
Gilchrist, Graham
Goncalves, Fernando
Greig, Chris
Griffin, Geoff
Gupwell, Jeff
Hantzis, Pete
Jackson, Calum
Jackson, Miles
Jackson, Rod
Kallaur, Andrew
Kane, Brendan
Kavanagh, Bill
Keaney, GeoffKelly, Reg
Kmiec, Wally
Kukielka, Dianne
Kukielka, Kath
Kukielka, Mark
Lucas, Andrew
Lucato, Joe
McConachy, Rob
McDonald, Geoff
McDonald, Sue
McKenna, Dave
Merrett, Kevin
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Rick
Moriaty, Pat
Nash, Ian
Pearson, Daryl
Podesta, Martin
Podesta, Suzie
Pope, Eileen
Pope, James
Pope, Jane
Pope, Len
Pope, Val
Pope, Val T
Pullen, Steve
Rowell, Julian
Sandford, Bob
Scroggie, Anthony
Scroggie, Brendan
Scroggie, Clem
Scroggie, Luke
Scroggie, Steve
Sleverin, Brian
Smith, 'Chopper'
Smith, Wayne
Spratt, Nigel
Swan, Andrew
Taylor, Craig (Curley)
Tudor, Louie
Tyler, Noah
Tyler, Dan
Vienet, Barry
Vienet, Jeff
Walker, Adam
Walker, Ben
Wilson, Brett
Yodgee, Denis